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What is Canyoning about?

Somehow, in between biking and mountain climbing, canyoning consists of manoeuvring downstream, through ravines and gorges dug by streams through centuries. Therefore practising canyoning means discovering hidden natural spots not reachable otherwise. A question might arise! Why practise canyoning in Subiaco, by San Benedetto’s small lake? Here is the answer: because one is bound to live an unforgettable emotion in a place otherwise inaccessible.

It is thanks to Vivere l’Aniene partnership with Recovery Energy that now it is possible to enter the splendid labyrinth right before the great waterfall and “have a taste” of what canyoning is!

The route up to the San Benedetto small lake has been fitted for a streaming path with different levels of steep descent and various difficulties. On the right bank we have prepared an “easy” descent, still thrilling and open to everyone. Suddenly the caves will enlarge right beside the first waterfall. On the left side, on the contrary, a descending direct line for experts allows a challenging and adrenaline fueled emotion.

But it is not all here: the unique emotion of appearing right on the tiny lake while many keep looking at you with open mouths and cameras working while you throw yourself along the cableway or when you challenge yourself while diving into the waterfalls centre… Well, that is actually priceless!

Only now you can go back home full of emotions and ready to return to your routine. Loaded with renewed energy, your attempts to share your experience with friends and acquaintances are bound to fail because you might be understood only by those who actually experienced the same. Only the wish to come back, even with passive listeners, will become increasingly stronger!



  • Per  person

35/per person


  • Group consisting of at least 4 people

Equipment and Advice

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Swimming Costume, towel, trainers or light trekking shoes (that can go in water). An extra outfit includes a pair of shoes, water and energy bars.


All the technical equipment (ropes, diving suit, harness, helmet, and so on) is supplied by Vivere l’Aniene.


There are safe-deposit boxes available in our Centre where small items can be stored (such as mobile phones, spectacles, and so on).

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