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What is Potholing about?

Just start practising it and you will discover a new world under your feet!
Ancient tunnels, caves, water trails formed by water through centuries. Potholing is in fact the science focusing on karst features, consisting of caves and natural cavities, their genesis and nature.
Potholing is practised as a sporting discipline by a large number of people.
In search of unexplored sites, the potholer always takes a lamp, ropes and all the necessary equipment to explore the underground.

Potholing is an activity well practised all the year with an advanced booking.
A minimum number of four participants is required, still it is possible to undertake a single experience by having the chance to get included in a planned outing in advance.
The speleologist outings are planned according to a calendar. They take place in various caves within the Simbruini Mountains Park.

Starting from 30


  • Up to 12 years old
  • The price varies depending on the cave

Starting from 20


  • Up to 12 years old
  • The price varies depending on the cave

Equipment and Advice

Activities for unattended children

Activities for children with parents

Activities for adults



A complete extra outfit is recommended (rough outfit and boots)


All the necessary equipment will be supplied by Vivere l’Aniene.


Each cave has different structural features so we advice not to bring fragile or electronic devices with you.

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