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What is Rafting about?

Rafting is a river descent by means of a special unsinkable rubber dinghy named a raft. The crew is made up by a minimum of four to a maximum of 12 participants.
The crew takes an active part to the descent using a paddle guided by a crew member sitting on the stern of the raft. He steers and guides the raft all the way through rapids and streams.

If you wish to spend a different day out a few miles away from Rome with your friends or family, simply jump on one of our water dinghies, leave every day stress behind and let yourself be carried down valley using a river descent. The winding of the Aniene river, together with the luxuriant vegetation, the clear water and finally the charming Simbruini Mountains Park will certainly work magic all along the descent.




Up to 12 years old

All about rafting power

Rafting Power is ideal for bachelor parties as well as for hen parties. Especially suitable for team building, Rafting Power consists of a fast and thrilling descent. It is a longer lasting activity that involves you challenging the water  in very enjoyable technical manoeuvres.
Vivere l’Aniene experience and the reliable river guides will let you discover what the term surfing stands for, what diving in the rapids means, moving within the river streams, searching for the best way to descend faster than the other crews! The Rafting Power main target remains the pure fun, living moments of sheer lightheartedness dipped in nature in a healthy and safe environment.
So get ready to paddle with great energy, getting completely wet and enjoying yourself very much!

How it works

It is sufficient to book the Rafting Power by email or by phone. As soon as you are booked with the Vivere l’Aniene Rafting Centre our guides will hand the necessary safety technical material to you: diving suit, helmet, life jacket and paddle. Once you are dressed up and ready for adventure you will be given a briefing in which you will be informed about the basic and safety rules to become an active member of the crew.
Ready, steady, go! On the first stretch of the river you will have to challenge powerful streams then paddle down the river where rapids are waiting for you. You will ride the waves until the arrival and experience the freshness of the river Aniene water with different water trials and by diving in it.
There will be a shuttle awaiting for you to take you back to the Rafting Centre where you will be able to get changed into dry clothes, recover your belongings and ask for the cd with photos showing your adventure.

Pricelist and useful info

The Rafting Power descent lasts about 2 hours. It will take place even if it rains. Minimum 8 crew members, maximum 18 (only adults). Take with you an extra outfit (including a pair of shoes).

The price of the Rafting Power descent is €39,00 per person. The price is inclusive of the following:

  • technical material (diving suit, helmet, life jacket and paddle)
  • shuttle service
  • guarded items deposit
  • photo service

You are required the following: minimum age 18 years old, know how to swim and able bodied.

Give a friend a RAFTING DESCENT

All about Beer Stop on the River

Beer-stop on the river consists of a river descent on the Aniene river where you will taste the Aimara, a typical local beer produced with the hops grown by the river banks.

A spicy, fruity, aromatic beer is waiting for you halfway down the descent right in the heart of the hop gardens. This beverage will certainly refresh you and fill you up with new energy, just like a real pit-stop!
This Aimara white ipa is made of top quality hops cultivated in the pristine environment of the Aniene that gives this beer an unmistakable flavour.

So come and taste it by the river, we promise you will enjoy an unique and enjoyable experience!

Pricelist and useful info

The rafting descent with the beer tasting lasts about 2 hours. Minimum 20 crew memebers. Take with you an extra outfit (including a pair of shoes).

The price of the rafting descent including the beer tasting in low season is €30,00 for adults and €20,00 for children (from the 1st of March to the 31st of October, every day), whereas €35,00 for adults and €25,00 for children in high season (every Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays from the 1st of July to the 20th of September) and includes:

  • technical material (diving suit, helmet, life jacket and paddle)
  • shuttle service
  • guarded items deposit
  • local craft beer and local products tasting

For further info or bookings dial the phone number 320 9681006

All about Night Rafting Descent

Vivere l’Aniene is proposing a great experience, a night Rafting descent, so that you will be fascinated by the river Aniene under stars.
This experience will be made even more special when savouring an aperitif made up of local products at the beginning of the descent, you will be able to taste all the delicacies from the Aniene Valley.
Do not lose this nice chance to have fun in the heart of nature admiring a splendid starry sky and tasting our local typical products.

How it works

  • h 7.30 pm meeting by the Rafting Centre and enrollment
  • h. 8 pm aperitif based on local special products including Aimara local craft beer, and various specialties.
  • h. 8.30 pm rafting departure (you will be given individual headlamps)
  • h. 10.30 pm return to the Rafting Centre and end of the activity

Pricelist and useful info

The Night descent lasts about 3 hours. The crew is composed of 20 people minimum.

The price per person is €40.00 for adults and €30.00 for children up to 12 years old and includes:

  • Technical material
  • Shuttle service
  • Changing rooms service
  • Local products tasting

The required minimum age is 8 years old. We advice you to wear a sport outfit and to take with you an extra outfit (shoes included).


Equipment and Advice

Activities for unattended children

Activities for children with parents

Activities for adults



A complete extra outfit including a pair of shoes that can go in water.


All the necessary equipment will be supplied by our Centre.


There are safe-deposit boxes available in our Centre where small items can be stored (mobile phones, spectacles, and so on).

We recommend to carry some drinkable water with you.

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