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River Rescue and Riding a Raft

The high level training is, in our opinion, the best way to spread the familiarity with the river environment in complete respect of nature and its balance. One of the most important projects consists of explaining river safety to sportsmen and trainers by means of Riding a Raft courses as well as Flood and River First Aid.

Vivere l’Aniene has become one of the most important centres in Central and Southern Italy in matter of training in a river environment, respecting the surrounding area and safety standards, also thanks to the co-operation with the National Training School for River and Flood Rescue Project. Our training programs in fact are officially accepted by national and international organizations committed to First Aid purposes such as the National First Aid Society, Firemen, Army, Civil Protection and Red Cross.

Above all our courses, Vivere l’Aniene and Rescue Project are entitled to certify the safety of water related job environments such as hydroelectric power stations, dams, rafting companies and so on, according to law n. 81 issued in 2008. Furthermore Vivere l’Aniene and Rescue Project handle safety during game and sport events within a water context.

The River Rescue and Riding a Raft courses are held for 5 days by the Vivere l’Aniene Rafting Centre. These courses train river specialists nationwide in order to obtain the River Rescuer Expert license.

The River Rescue and Riding a Raft courses are ideal for sportsmen, river lovers and for anyone that deals with emergency and rescue:

  • Rafting guides, canoeists, fans and river experts
  • Military corps searching for a specific training respecting international standards
  • Rescue operators

Our courses are subdivided into theorical-practical lessons according to precise methodologies as follows:

  • theoretical lessons held with the support of slides and audiovisual material;
  • experience training, consists of learning through experience in order to acquire the knowledge;
  • post-activity debriefing including group debates aiming to lead every participant to full awareness of the acquired knowledge;
  • role-playing by simulating emergency situations in order to be aware of all stressful and dangerous conditions.

As soon as the five day course ends, every participant will receive a River Rescuer Expert license. All students will acquire the basic techniques regarding river navigation activities and also the understanding of self and other people’s safety by the river. They will be able to operate when emergency situations occur and will acquire high level abilities in self and other people’s first aid.

River Rescuer Expert

The TSF course is composed of a three days training for a total amount of about 30 hours, divided as follows: 8-10 hours theory and practical lessons, the rest in water. You are taught self aid techniques as well as river and flood rescue, so useful to canoeists, State Institutions rescuing staff including Firemen and river Police, Civil Protection and Red Cross volunteers and, generally speaking, every organization dealing with first aid.

These are the targets of our course:

  • To observe and to know how to evaluate the river environment and its hydro dynamics;
  • Direct learning of some specific materials such as ropes, carabiners, rope pulling methods, knots;
  • Learning how to help a person in distress in water;
  • Swimming competence in the river;
  • Communication according to international river standards;
  • Forming a rescue team.

The course provides the use of DPI, ropes, suitable first aid tools and equipment.

Riding a Raft

The riding a Raft course aims to master the use of the raft as a first aid support together with leading a crew. To attend this course it is mandatory to have attended and passed the First Aid River Rescuer Expert Course.

Course targets:

  • To supply a high level of skill regarding the river navigation in complete safety;
  • To supply a good level of know-how about the main rubber dinghy manoeuvres, dealing with the risks connected to river activities.

The course provides the use of DPI, ropes, suitable equipment for first aid and a raft, of course.

The Vivere l’Aniene Rescue Project trainers are expert operators specialized in river rescuing and emergency. They have received a special psychological education in river rescuing as well as managing operational teams.

These specializations are constantly updated both under the technical profile, in order to acquire innovating skills and capabilities, and under the psychological profile by means of self awareness process, self analysis and self esteem which every participant will get encouraged to learn.

Andrea Frosoni

Dedicated climber and expert rope master, Rescue Project instructor and highly specialized rafting guide.
Andrea Frosoni is one of the supervisors in Central Italy.

Fabio Mariano

Rescue Project Instructor with marked communicative capabilities, rafting guide, as well as a surf and sup master and skilled swimmer.
Fabio Mariano is one of the supervisors in Central Italy.

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