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Safety Network

Safety Network is a National network focused on information and safety regarding the river and flood environments.

The Vivere l’Aniene Rafting Centre is an attractive Rescue Project formation pole. It is associated with Safety Network, a National network related to information, safety and awareness of river and flood environments. The Safety Network brand is meant to offer customers the ways to understand the rules to follow in the river activities like rafting.

Only the Italian rafting centres having specific and essential characteristics in order to practise activities in total safety can be considered part of the Safety Network project.

 Vivere l’Aniene Rafting Centre has the Safety Network brand.
As for all Centres with this brand, the Vivere l’Aniene guides present the following characteristics:

  • Commercial Rafting license released by the Rescue Project School or the Firaft (Italian Rafting Federation);
  • Valid river rescuer Expert license released by Rescue Project;
  • BLS-D license achieved in adverse situations, for a direct field test;
  • Respect for safety and navigation rules;
  • Hair tests: drugs are not allowed
  • Use of certified and approved materials as well as equipment

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Safe Outdoor

Safety Network website

The Safety Network brand combines different Rafting Centres, Caoeing and Kayak and Outdoor Activities each of them granted as high level all over Italy, positively approved by Rescue Project, the National School of River and Flood Rescue Training. For further info visit the Safety Network website

Safety Network

The network of rafting centres, canoe/rafting and outdoor activities in Italy

Vivere l’Aniene

Centro Rafting e Attività Outdoor


Cassino Adventure

Centro Rafting e Canoa


Trentino Wild

Rafting e Outdoor

Trentino Alto-Adige

Adventure Dolomiti

Parco Avventura

Trentino Alto-Adige


Canoa e Rafting



Centro Sport Avventura



Rafting, Kayak, SUP


River Tribe

Centro Rafting


Didactic School Project “Safety Network”

Didactic activities, courses and initiatives for schools, teachers and students

The Italian territory is often devastated by hydro geologists events, during which accidents happen by ignoring the risks and for the lack of a prevention culture which might help to respect rules during critical and emergency situations.

The basic idea of creating an information and prevention network arises for this reason. Certainly the Vivere l’Aniene rafting centre is part of Safety Network, co-operating with Rescue Project – National School of flood and river rescuing.

During the rafting descents and the performances of water sports, our guides will teach pupils, students and teachers how to behave in case of a flood by the river.

By learning how to distinguish the various dangers once in the water and what to do in case of a fall, learners will be rewarded with a certificate proving the actual participation to the Safety Network project denominated “safety in the water”.

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