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SUP Stand Up Paddle

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What is Sup about?

SUP are the initial letters of Stand Up Paddle. It consists of a variant of surf in which the sportsman stands on the surfboard holding a paddle. In recent years SUP has considerably increased in popularity also in Italy with many surfers ready to ride the waves. Recently SUP or Stand Up Paddle has made its appearance also in the river world.

Half way between surfing and canoeing, SUP is great fun!
Book a SUP lesson to learn more and start enjoying yourself! It is a whole year through activity. You can book an individual lesson or within a group possessing the same level of skill and experience.



Equipment and Advice

Activities for unattended children

Activities for children with parents

Activities for adults



We advise to bring extra underwear and trainers with you, as well as a wool jumper.


The technical material including diving suit, neoprene shoes, helmet, life jacket, paddle and sup will be supplied to each participant.


It is highly recommended not to bring fragile or electronic devices with you. During the booking phase it is possible to require a photo service on cd-rom.

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