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Survival Courses

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What is Survival about?

Survival Courses: natural orienteering, building a shelter, lighting a fire by means of primitive tools, identifying edible plants, following wild animal tracks and creating primitive tools. You are going to learn much more during Vivere l’Aniene Survival Course!

You will get familiar with survival techniques and bushcraft in different environments with the support of our national CSEN-CONI Survival Instructors. Thus you will establish a close contact with nature and wildlife. You will get absorbed by the striking scenery of the Aniene Valley in complete safety living a unique as well as an adventurous experience!

Starting from 180

Survival Course

  • The price varies according to the kind of outing

Attrezzatura e consigli

Attività per bambini non accompagnati da adulti

Attività per bambini accompaganti da adulti

Attività solo per adulti



Trekking or similar shoes, outfit depending on the season (vest, shirt, sweater, windbreaker, lightweight waterproof jacket, long trousers, an extra pair of socks, hat.)


Swiss army knife, mess tin, canteen, sleeping bag, camping mat, work gloves, comfort and personal hygiene items personal medications.


The courses last at least 2 days, the number of participants is between 4 and 10 people.
The outings are posted on the event calendar.

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