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What is Trekking about?

Trekking is an activity based on walking through routes (roads, paths, etc.), you can participate either by bringing various equipment with you or free, away from pre planned routes. Trekking routes vary according to the length and difficulty levels, they can last up to a few days. Suitable equipment in the backpack and the familiarity with the territory will always bring the trekker back home.

When following our expert Environment Hiker Guides, it is possible to practise excursions every day with variable duration and levels of difficulty. Also by night using head torches and even several days trekking, spending the nights in a tent or sheltered in a cave.

Mountain outings can be completed by studying wild plants as well as rocks and wildlife, wolf howling, listening to the deer bellowing; it is also possible to organize something different, for example a photo workshop.
Trekking with snowshoes is held in wintertime to admire the mountains covered with snow. Trekking is much more than a simple walk, it is a journey inside nature!

starting from 13


  • Up to 12 years old
  • The price varies according to the kind of outing

starting from 8


  • Up to 12 years old
  • The price varies according to the kind of outing

Equipment and Advice

Activities for unattended children

Activities for children with parents

Activities for adults



Trekking shoes; trousers or shorts depending on the season and itinerary; breathable vest; sweater or fleece depending on the season; anorak; lightweight waterproof jacket.
You will find the specific equipment for trekking or outings on the snow on the outing programme.


Comfort items, hat or cap; sunglasses.
Water and snack or packed lunch.


It is an activity well practised all the year through with an advanced booking. A minimum number of five participants is required, still it is possible to undertake a single experience by having the chance to get included in a planned outing in advance.

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