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Vivere l’Aniene outdoor activities and rafting center is in Subiaco (Rome), along the banks of the Aniene river. It’s situated in the wonderful natural scenery of the Simbruini Mountains Natural Park, near the fascinating benedictine monasteries, cradle of the monasticism and the first printed book in Italy.
Vivere l’Aniene, a Rescue Project formation pole, is included in the Safety Network, a National network focused on information and safety regarding the river and flood environments. The Safety Network brand is meant to offer customers the rules to understand how to follow river activities.
In this stunning environment, Vivere l’Aniene has been operating in the outdoor sector for over ten years promoting sport and activities for sustainable tourism in Rome and Lazio region.
Vivere L’Aniene offers you numerous activities: soft-rafting, climbing, hiking and orienteering, soft survival and outdoor training workshops, related to a high level experience close to nature, specific for schools.
Thanks to the experience of our guides, boys and girls will get involved into new captivating activities in order to increase motivation and interpersonal relations.


  • Discover and examine, through direct contact, the nature related beauties in the province of Rome.
  • Identify the environmental problems from a scientific and a naturalistic point of view, educating boys and girls to land protection.
  • Get familiar with the flora and fauna of the Simbruini Mountains, the forms of pollution, the interaction between nature and humans over time.
  • Stimulate the collaboration, socialization and cooperation capabilities, thanks to sport activities.


Soft Rafting come attività di Team Building di Vivere l'Aniene per le aziende


Soft-rafting activity is led by experienced river guides in the Aniene river by means of comfortable rubber dinghies. These allow you to descend in complete safety with the active and cohesive participation of all the members of the team. Your involvement in proper team work will be stimulated in this exciting environment.
The guides will help boys and girls to learn the paddle basic technique, furthermore they will improve the contact awareness with water and will acquire the coordination and the synchronization of movements.
During the rafting descent, observation will be stimulated, focusing in particular on the Aniene flora and fauna preservation and the influence of humans in the environmental changes. The descent offers also the opportunity to see some of Subiaco historical monuments from a different point of view.



Orienteering (the third most popular sport practised in the Italian Student Sport Games) is a multidisciplinary activity. Its goal is to teach boys and girls how to orientate in unknown places in complete safety, with the support of maps and compass. Orienteering is practised  in open spaces or town centres, it develops self confidence and tests the scientific knowledge of this discipline, always having fun.
The activities are usually performed in confined areas, for example the centre of Subiaco, the river park close to Vivere l’Aniene Centre or in Monte Livata, in a wonderful beech forest 15 km from Subiaco. The activities can be organized in one day or more days.


Soft Survival come attività di Team Building di Vivere l'Aniene per le aziende


Exciting activity in a natural and evocative environment, it develops a strong interaction among the members of the group, the correct team spirit and the commitment to give yourself a challenge.
Thanks to the survival experience of our guides, the group will be able to undertake tests prepared for the occasion, for example how to camp, to light a fire, search for water or follow signs.
Estranged from the psychological comfort of social reality, boys and girls will develop new ways to communicate and new forms of interaction.


Arrampicata per attività di Team Building di Vivere l'Aniene per le aziende

Indoor Climbing

Among the activities for boys and girls, indoor climbing has become very popular in the past few years. Climbing, in fact, reinforces motor skills and effects your perception, concentration and self confidence as well as in other people. Climbing lessons for boys and girls are held in complete safety in our Centre, in a specific boulder room and on the artificial wall outside the Centre.



Safety Network

Vivere l’Aniene is part of a net called Safety Network and co-operates with Rescue Project – National School focused on river and flood rescuing. Before and soon after the rafting descent and the water sport activities, the Vivere l’Aniene guides will explain to students and teachers the correct behavior to keep in the river and during a flood event. You will learn to distinguish the various dangers on water and how to behave in case of a fall. At the end of the day you will receive a certificate proving the actual participation to the Safety Network project denominated “safety in the water”.

All the world in a drop of water

The students will assess the water proprieties with survey tests in the river environment, for example identifying plants and animals that will be then examined and classified on a spreadsheet.

Lichens are water sentries

It will be possible to survey the pollution in the air observing the nature and searching for organisms that are directly conditioned by the atmospheric pollution, the lichens for example. They will be then classified with bioindicator techniques.

The map of nature

It consists of an educational plan using orienteering maps, symbols and colours. The students will learn to orientate themselves with the support of maps and compass. Joy of discovery and adventure will be stimulated in a natural environment.

Each activity is combined with a guided tour of San Benedetto and Santa Scolastica monasteries, cradle of the monasticism and the first printed book in Italy.


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