Terms and Conditions

1. Purchase procedure and contract stipulation

Gift Cards are available directly on the website. This is the procedure to follow in order to book your Gift Card from the website:

  1. The customer chooses one or more Gift Cards;
  2. Then a summary form will allow you to verify and edit your order before the final registration;
  3. Your “first click” will allow you to confirm the purchase, according to the previous acceptance of the Terms and Conditions;
  4. Your order will be processed only with the final approval, which will be shown after your “second click”. The customer is asked to verify again the specifics and the price before validating the order;
  5. In case you are paying by credit card, your “second click” will correspond with the registration of your personal data, useful for the invoice. However we shall consider the contract as valid soon after your bank has accepted the money transfer;
  6. An email will be forwarded to you following the confirmation of your order. This email will provide the summary of all the information concerning your order, including the Gift Card. The printed copy and/or the filing of the email are the proof of your purchase.
  7. In case you buy an E-Box, you will automatically receive a copy of an Electronic Voucher even in case you are not the actual beneficiary.

2. Gift and E-Box terms of use

Please advice the Beneficiary of the Gift Card in case you are not reading the following conditions.

  1. Gift Cards are active with payment. Non activated cards cannot be used. In case of problems, it is compulsory to present evidence of the Gift Cards purchase. Therefore we kindly invite you to keep your proof of purchase.
  2. By dialing 0039 320 96 81 006 you will be able to verify if your Gift Card is valid from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday.
  3. Customer is aware that the performance value can differ from the sale price of the Gift Card.
  4. Gift Cards don’t include travel expenses so that the owner of a Gift Card will have to reach our location by his own means and expenses.
  5. Gift Cards can be used through the week, as well as during the week end unless otherwise stated in the Partner’s Page, always according to our actual availability, the sale policy, our working hours and the Partner’s working days. However, we recommend to book well in advance. When booking a stay, it will be possible to book some activities and/or extra nights, by paying a supplement
  6. The performance fulfillment is possible when: Your Gift Card is forwarded to viverelanie@gmail.com at least two days before the booking date.The use of the Gift Card and its contents will be supplied after having checked the Gift Card status.
  7. The Performance activation is submitted to the selected Partner’s conditions including, as an example, those related to the booking cancelation or modification, health conditions or Beneficiary age and finally to weather conditions.
  8. The Beneficiary might have to pay a city tax depending on the Partner structures.
  9. The Gift Box or the E-box can be substituted according to article 10 of our Terms and Conditions.
  10. The Partners selected by Vivere L’Aniene have stated they are fully insured against civil professional responsibility and also suitable to the type of performance offered. They run their activity in accordance to the applicable legal rules. However the Beneficiary is due to verify the actual existence of the above mentioned insurance company and also if it can cover all the risks connected to the chosen activity. In any case Vivere L’Aniene cannot be taken as responsible about those risks. This does not mean that the Beneficiary is not obliged to obey the caution rules regarding the sport activities thus the Beneficiary accepts the consequent risks.
  11. Both the photographs and the editorial contents in the Gift Card must be considered as merely indicative. They are not by all means a contract promise, neither for themselves, nor for a third party; therefore, Vivere L’Aniene cannot be taken as responsible in the event of variations from the actual state of the Partner’s structures. It is strictly forbidden to publish, either partially or completely, the Gift Card’s contents.

3. Pricelist and forms of payment

3.1. Pricelist

The pricelist of the Gift Cards are the ones shown on the site when you place your order.
VAT tax must be added to the purchase of the Gift Card. On top of this, the beneficiary is due to pay city taxes, if any, directly at the selected Partner’s structure. For further information, the Beneficiary is asked to visit the website regarding Partner’s structures or else the website of the chosen structure.

3.2 Terms of payment

By Paypal according to the following terms:
The customer will be asked to use this form of payment only when paying by credit card. You can simply use your Paypal account or register a new one following the supplied instructions.

3.3 Safe payments

In order to safeguard both the Customer and Vivere L’Aniene against any possible fraud, orders are subject to frequent controls. While processing, it might become necessary to interrupt an order and get in touch with the User or the Beneficiary, in order to request the necessary extra documents thus unblocking the order, for example documents focused on the actual registered residence, the personal identity or the amount paid.

4. Right to withdrawal

The Customer/Beneficiary is entitled to withdraw his Gift Card purchase according to Law decree 206/2005 article 52 and, following without any justification nor having to pay any fine within 14 days from receiving the Gift Card.
The right of withdrawal must be forwarded by informing Vivere L’Aniene with a form containing the data connected to the Gift Card and the payment. The withdrawal must be sent by registered letter to Vivere L’Aniene Società Cooperativa, Largo Mariri di Cicchetti s.n.c. – 00028 Subiaco (RM) Italia, or else by email to viverelanien@gmail.com.
The Customer/Beneficiary is due to pay for the expenses connected to the evidence of the right of withdrawal as per law and specific article written here.
Thus Vivere L’Aniene will refund the purchase costs related to the Gift Card within 14 days from receiving the withdrawal communication by crediting back the same amount used for the purchase without charging the Customer/Beneficiary of any expenses related to the refund.
Obviously we point out to you this withdrawal right is applicable limited to the Gift Cards on the website.

5. Delivery

5.1 Details and delivery time

The item will be delivered by email.
The Customer will receive an email with the Gift Card enclosed.

6. E-box duration

The expiring date is written on the Gift Card.

7. Customers service – Complaints

The Customer/Beneficiary can ask information or submit complaints, before and after the purchase, to Vivere L’Aniene Customer Service. Please follow these instructions: by phone 0039 320 81 006 (from Monday to Friday, public holidays excluded); by email viverelaniene@gmail.com; on the website “Contacts”.

8. Privacy Policy

Vivere l’Aniene is authorized by the Privacy Code, law 196/2003 to gather personal data of Customers/Beneficiaries either connected to queries or in order to examine marketing and statistics, market surveys and finally to forward special offers.
In the first case it is necessary to supply personal data because they are essential for the customer specific requests or to fulfill contractual applications. Therefore it would become impossible to deliver the service requests without the beneficiary approval.
In other cases, though, supplying data is optional, so that a possible refusal would mean the impossibility to contribute to the above mentioned activities. The personal data processing will exclusively be performed online by means of suitable instruments capable to guarantee safety and privacy too. The legal holder that deals with personal data processing is Vivere L’Aniene Società Cooperativa, Largo Martiri di Cicchetti snc, 00028 Subiaco (RM) (Italia), more specifically in the person of the Personal Data Manager (“Owner”). The collected data can be transmitted to external subjects working on specific jobs on behalf of Vivere L’Aniene (tax compliance, management of information systems, management of contractual obligations, and so on) and the Authorities, for legal requirements. Please note that some of this data can be transferred out of UE countries, in accordance with the laws established by the European Commission. The Customer/Beneficiary is entitled to exercise the right of access, modification, integration, opposition to the processing and deletion of data at any time, according to the Privacy Code, art. 7, by simply sending a written form to the holder, or else by email to viverelaniene@gmail.com.
Information on cookie: the User is aware that the website uses some cookies developed to be used exclusively by Vivere L’Aniene. Everytime people connect to the website, Cookies allow, as an example, to store the following information: the browser version and type used by the User, visiting timetable, chronology and contents of the orders regarding even the ones not yet completed. That is why when connecting again, the User will not have to insert any further information. In order to achieve the benefits of the site, it is thus advisable to update the browser (for instance Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.) so that Cookies will be accepted. However the User can refuse his/her consent to the installation of all Cookies, or a part of them but in this case some functions of the website may be limited. Most of the browsers allow to set the internet options regarding safety or the User’s preferences in order to block or disable Cookies or to receive a message to inform the User about the transmission of Cookies.

9. Liability

Vivere l’Aniene cannot be judged responsible in case of Beneficiary default or incorrect execution of the contract by the Beneficiary. Vivere l’Aniene is not responsible in case of a third party interfering in regards to our activities or in case unplanned events.

10. Legal Applicable terms

The above mentioned general terms and conditions concerning Gift Cards, depend on the Italian law. We underline, among others, the legal provisions regarding the Consumer’s Code, part three, third title, subsection 1 focusing on distance contracts. Any dispute arising will be passed on to the Italian judicial court in accordance to the existing laws.

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